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Staten Island NY Real Estate

Staten Island is a borough that offers living in many different neighborhoods and a fantastic real estate market. Staten Island is one of the five major boroughs of New York City. There is a ferry service, public transportation, and many roads to get back and forth. There are sixty unique neighborhoods that make up Staten Island, each with its own look and feel. While there are no skyscrapers on Staten Island, there is a real suburban feel to this area. There are plenty of single-family homes to choose from. Multifamily homes are also quite popular on Staten Island. Condos and townhomes are also available. There is plenty of shopping for residents as Staten Island has its very own mall. Staten Island is also known for some of the best cuisine within the five boroughs. World famous pizza and Italian ice are all part of Staten Island living.  Diners are abundant on Staten Island as well. There is nightlife with plenty of bars and restaurants to explore. Staten Island is also a big part of the music scene. Staten Island is family friendly, being home to a zoo and some great schools. There are also some great beaches to enjoy on Staten Island. There are plenty of parks and scenic lookouts. There are various types of architecture on Staten Island including Queen Anne, Victorian and Colonial homes. Life on Staten Island may be city living, but is also neighborhood style living as well. There are properties for everyone. 

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